10 Apr 2021

Winners page

Winners, both present and past of my competitions will be posted here.

Please let me know if you do not want your name to appear here.

Only First names will be provided for Privacy reasons

Congratulations to all Winners



Winner of the 2 – Day Summit: Vicki – Congratulations

Winners of the Digital LifeStyle System: Annder, Steve, Rachel and Charles – Congratulations

Winner of The  Ultimate Work from Home Solution + Chromebook is: Chloe Earl- Congrtulations Chloe 

Our newest Winner

We announced the winner of our latest Chromebook and Work from Home system at a Live training event on Tuesday  6 April 2021.

The Winner is Chloe Earl from Berkshire in the UK. Many congratulation Chloe 

Here is what Chloe had to say:

I can’t believe that I have won the Competition for the work from home Chromebook bundle! My laptop is pretty ancient and I needed a new laptop and I thought I would enter this competition – I did not expect for a second that I would be announced as the Winner!!!

I’m still shocked, thrilled and very excited to try my new work from home bundle & Chromebook! Thank you so much!!!”
Please keep a lookout for upcoming comps in the next few weeks
In the meantime Keep safe