If you are in to email marketing then this short article is a must read for you.

Have you heard of Email Blacklists? This topic is rarely discussed by all the successful online marketers. Some promise riches beyond your dreams and that by using email to send to your potential clients will make you a fortune.

Well there is one thing that they they fail to teach right from the get go and that is – BLACKLISTS…

Simply explained a blacklist is a collection of IP addreesses that are belived to distribute spam. Emails from these addresses are either blocked or routed to the recipients spam folder. These emails are identified by a spam filter which attempts to detect malicious or spammy email. Soooo, ensuring that emails are delivered and blacklist are avoided is the FIRST critical step to successful email marketing.

 One estimate attributes spam in the region of 80% of all email traffic. This overwhelming commercial email has led to strict blacklisting practices that seek to keep in-boxes spam-free. Internet service providers use widely known blacklists such as SpamHaus and URIBL and each list will be unique.

When one of these Blacklists a mail servere, any mail originating from that servee won’t be delivered torecipients whose ISP use the service. Please note that most popular blacklists do have a level(benchmark) that they use before blacklisting a server, and then it will normallly only be for a certain amount of time.

How do Businesses get on to the Blacklist?

Generally speaking Mail IP addresses get added to public blacklists on a regular basis – particularly so when a shared server is being used.

1/ Any server sending out unusually high volumes of email can get picked up and noted as spam. It is important to be careful about how many messages you send out every week
2/ Sending attachments is popular for attaching malware and if sent in an email will very likely get you blacklisted
3/ Don’t use emails that are filled with a lot of graphics as these ar enow triggering spam filters, including flash animation
4/ When a server relays spam to another it will look like the spam came from your server when that is not the case. When this happens it is more than likely someone else has triggered the alert and you are caught in the line of fire- you are completely innocent- this happens a lot:-(
5/ A large number of emails that are ‘bounced ‘(Undeliverable) will be a strong indicator to a spam filter that the mailing list has not been obtained legitimately- this can be anything between 2-7percent

How do you get removed from a Blacklist?

 First, this will be to monitor your blacklist status. Find out what your email server’s IP address is. If you do not know it contact your web host and they will provide it to you.

Having obtained your servers IP address you need to plug it into one of the online free tools e.g. Mx Tools or WhatisMyIpAddress.

You can also use Zerobounce,Neverbounceto check your emails before you send them. These two companies also offer many other benefits including Balck list checking.

If you have been blacklisted, you can submita request to be removed. Follow the instructions carefullyb be patients and above all be polite.

Follow best pactices e.g. use double opt-in subscription methods, have an unsubscribe link, display your contact information and don’t add more that two links to your emails