08 May 2021


Empathy.. How often do we stop and think about how others are feeling? – Never – Occasionally – All the time Yet, it is empathy that allows us all to connect to people that are in pain or are having challenges. I was on a…



We often use time as an excuse – right? Pretty sure you have heard the following statements at some point in time: ✅- I’m too busy ✅- time has slipped away ✅- there’s not enough time in my day ✅- Do you not have something…


So I enjoy Flying 

So I enjoy flying. Does not matter which type be it fixed-wing, flexwing, or radio-controlled models. The disciplines are the same in each case 1/ Buy or rent good equipment2/ Join a club or group of like-minded people3/ Find an instructor/trainer4/ Do all the lessons5/…

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Uncertain Times?? 

2020 has indeed been uncertain. The Covid -19 story has created huge challenges all over the world.  People have lost their jobs, income, livelihood. Businesses have disappeared, our children have been out of school and isolated from their peers Exam results- in total confusion No…