Finding your Niche Market that you love is an important part of Affiliate Marketing. You need to do research to find out what people are looking for within your chosen NICHE. 

In this article I will give you a checklist that you can use to help fins, understand and market to your customers

You will need an autoresponder- checkout the video above for more information on a great platform called GetResponse.


#1 Importance of Finding Your Niche
– Small, specific target market
– Conduct detailed market research
– Understand the consumer behavior
 – Understand their needs, concerns, and desires
– Develop product or service to cater to target audience
– Price point
– Can remove doubt with expertise
– Can earn passive income with automation
– Must do extensive research on your market

#2 Choosing Your Niche
– Jot down your ideas and reasons
Look for “evergreen” markets

  •  Stability
  •  Sustainability

Need to be something that interests you

  • Makes it fun and enjoyable

Conduct research

  • Get to know prospective customers
  • Saves you months of hard work for no profit

Sell as an affiliate

  • Easiest way to make money when first starting
  • Work with top companies like Amazon or eBay
  •  Gain access to millions of products
  • Earn up to 15 percent commission
  • Takes less time to get started
  • Valuable place to conduct research
  • Learn about marketing products and services

Niche research

-Identify keywords being used in searches
     ▪ Understand the pain points of customers
     ▪ Use Google AdWords
– Start to identify keywords with profit potential
     ▪ Look for high search volume
     ▪ Look for low competition
     ▪ Look for low cost effort to rank high.

– Finding Hot Keywords

  • Use Google Keyword Planner
    ▪ Estimate potential visitor traffic
    ▪ Which keywords are being used
    ▪ Any associated keywords

– Organize Your Keywords

Break down into specific groups
▪ Separate based on search per month
– Select top ten keywords
▪ Best words have over 100,000 searches per month

Test Your Keywords

  • Include in your blog, website, and social media
    – Track results
Affiliate publisher
Affiliate customer

#3 Finding Your Ideal Customer

  • Someone who is willing to pay for your solution
  • Go where they go
  • Offer helpful advice
  • Offer solutions to their problems
  • Create free content
  • Research and survey your target market
  • Pinpoint audience’s pain points
  • Key to profitability
  • Create ideal customer profile
  • Define target customer’s problems
  • Define wants
  • Define demographics
  • Segment into buyer groups
  • Utilize online surveys
  • Determine exactly what target audiences want

#4 Building Relationships in Your Niche

Locate the main sites of niche

  • Locate blogs
  • Locate discussion boards
  • Locate forums
    -Write down top-five discussion points
    -Use for content ideas

Email Marketing
          – Valuable resource
          – Provides lifeline of communication
          – Provide different reasons to opt-in
▪ Newsletter
▪ Special report
▪ E-course
          – Will take time to build a relationship with customers
Social Media
          – Powerful marketing opportunity
            Bring free traffic and sales
          – Use varied product or service offerings
          -Track and test
          – Review common issues
          -Include answers to FAQs
          -Provide fun quizzes, etc.
          – Allows you to position yourself as an expert

#5 Analyze Competition

  • An essential step in the process
  • Find the number of competitors
  • Use Google Search to determine
  •  Find backlinks to competition
  • SEO

Research the competition

  • Know the Page Rank of the top ten sites in niche
  • Evaluate the competition
  • Study how they’ve evolved
  • See which are using pay-per-click ads
  • Consider pricing