Covid-19 has certainly been having an effect on human behaviour and relationships…

We are all experiencing or have experienced the following emotions

  • anxiety
  • fear
  • worry

We were caught off guard.

Families are struggling to make end meet, balancing work, looking after kids, home schooling  and trying to stay safe.

The homeless, the less fortunate seem to have been forgotten- how are they coping?

The sense of desperation and being overwhelmed is becoming more prevalent

Here are some tips that may help.

Humans naturally do not like being couped up

When this happens tempers fray pretty quickly.

So before you launch into a tirade of snapping and short curt sentences take a big deep, long breath and don’t be quick to judge or criticize

Instead try to be optimistic, kind and  helpful

Don’t forget other are experiencing these same emotions so take time to empathize

Whilst in lock down, quarantine etc

learn a new skill- online, cooking, photography

or start an online business

to name a few

Do those chores you have been putting off

Paint the house or flat

Do estate planing and ensure everything is in order

Just take this time to reset yourself

Uncertain times

Learning Experience

Stay in touch with friends and family via Zoom, FB, Skype

Do online quizzing as a group

Think about those who are on their own and reach out to them

You can learn from this frightening experience. Foe example- what more could have been done to prevent the spread of CV-19?

Go online and politely share your thoughts- political leaders and there cohorts will be reading

Check on your Priorities

The pandemic has created more stress and anxiety so being aware of this think about the following:

– you will need to change your priorities

– Express your fears- they are real

– empathize with your partner, family and friends

– show gratitude

I could go on but I know you get the idea




Keep your Mind healthy

Keep think positive thoughts- negativity will dampen your spirit

Keep repeating to yourself that you are grateful for what you have

Show your partner, spouse that you love them

Get out of the ‘state of fear’

Be calm and be prepared

Don’t complain

Practice self hypnosis

Eat healthily – keep away from from high carb diets and alcohol

A few last words

Life as we knew it will not be the same.

I have a few fears for our future relationships.But I will be positive, helpful, empathize with people and be there for when they need me.

We are what we feel not what we see – don’t forget that.

The new way of life will be challenging for a lot of folks so they will need a helping hand.

Will you be there to hold it?

Take care and keep safe


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