A true life story from someone I know..

“A couple of days ago I went to our little, tiny post office on the military base where I work.
There is about enough room for 10 people to stand in line at this one clerk office.

I notice a sign on the wall as I was standing in line and just had to ask the postal clerk
about it. The sign read, “No bicycles allowed in the post office.”

I was definitely confused and could not understand why the sign had been posted, so, I asked the clerk.”


“He told me that about a week prior some guy rode his bike up the ramp to the post office entrance and went inside, along with his bike.

He was told to please take the bike outside and he retorted that there was no sign stating that he couldn’t bring his bike in.

He complained and whined and eventually took his bike outside muttering all kinds of threats and insults.”

Post offic bicycle

“I couldn’t believe this. I was told it was true and that was why the sign had been posted.

I joked with the clerk that I should go out and drive my truck inside, since there was no sign telling me that I couldn’t. 🙂

So, where am I going with this and how does this apply to article marketing?”

Most article directories have a list of submission guidelines. They usually specify how long an article should be, what the rules are for links, and what HTML can or cannot be used.

There will be additional guidelines and each site will vary slightly in what they will or will not accept. But, we can’t cover everything in one or two pages of guidelines.

Don't let it be later

Just because I don’t have anything in writing about not posting graphics in the article
resource box, doesn’t mean it is OK. Common sense should prevail.

Just because I didn’t say that you shouldn’t bold every other word, doesn’t mean you should.

Just because I didn’t say that you cannot embed a video in the middle of your article, doesn’t
mean you can or should.

Just because it is OK to do it one way on another article directory site, doesn’t mean it is

Wrong way
Snow Drift

“I think you get the drift. I cannot list each and every little thing that is or is not allowed.

I have listed some general guidelines and then if your article is declined, it will normally come with an explanation. Please read them and make the corrections. Otherwise it will be rejected until you do make the changes requested”

Most people just ignore the email that says their article was declined and then continue to break the set of rules.

Then the person gets upset with the messenger!!!!

Such is life.

Read the guidelines, follow the rules, check the reason your article was declined, and don’t ride your bike in the post office.